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The Ground Floor
About GulfAtlantic Floor Systems

In 1994, Buck Buchanan saw an exceptional opportunity in concrete floors. (They were shiny ones.) So he founded GulfAtlantic Floor Systems right then and right there—in his hometown of Madison, Mississippi, just outside the state capital of Jackson. Since then, Buck and his industrial concrete floor experts have installed more than 55,000,000 square feet of industrial concrete coatings in some of the largest industrial facilities in the nation.

We’re talking industrial.

Concrete floors and coatings are easy to keep clean, promote a positive & productive workforce, reduce maintenance costs and provide superior protection suitable for all manner of industrial facilities. They’re virtually immune to chemical damage, and they eliminate the problem of static discharge to sensitive components.

GulfAtlantic now operates in and around Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana and Tennessee, and we’re sure to grow into other states sooner or later. If your install site is nearby—feel free to give us a call!

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Our Commitment To You

GulfAtlantic Floor Systems is dedicated to your satisfaction, and nailing the details of every job with regard to budget, timeliness, prep, installation and proper cleanup as well as respect for your confidentiality. That’s a commitment that’s more than rock solid—it’s a COMMITMENT Like Concrete.

About Buck Buchanan

Buck Buchanan began his career in industrial floor coatings as a representative for Tennant Company, an industrial cleaning firm, in the late 1980’s. Realizing the utmost importance of proper concrete floor installation and easy-maintenance floors, he formed GulfAtlantic Floor Systems in 1994.